Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The end of the year!!

Wow time passes by so quickly!!!! My babies are growing up right before my eyes! I worked on cleaning up my computer yesterday and was organizing pictures and it makes me sad...they are getting so big!? But..on the other hand I couldn't be more proud..The both scored commended performance on all of their TAKS! Jared finished with an A average!!! Peyton finished with great grades...A's and B's! They are growing up into little big people! ha ha! They will always be MY BABIES! Peyton and her team are done with recital and on their way to Nationals in Arlington! Wish them luck!!!! They are working so hard and they are soooo excited! In all of this I want to add a HUGE REQUEST "Please Pray for Katelyn and her family! They need us all...Let God hear our prayers! And ask your children to pray.."They are heard FIRST!" I don't go a single minute without thinking of that family...check her blog for detail "ourturkey@blogspot.com". GOD IS SOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!